Interior Design: Bellavita Wellness Center

Having in hand a project in which the great importance was to emphasize activities already existing in a contemporary spa, after deep research, it was decided by an architectural intervention in which the user understood the complex through a “trip” that, in certain points , emphasizes a certain activity option.

By interacting not only with the sensory aspect, but also with the pre-existing facilities of the building, an intervention was developed in the form of a vortex, in interior and exterior spaces of the project, recreating the flow through a set of layers and colors that are unraveling in order to guide the user through all the installations in an unusual, interactive, sensorial, emotional and scenographic way.

The Vortex gives the customer a constant and continuous flow, unifying the three main areas of the project.

Starting with the entrance, it induces the passer-by to enter the premises through a colorful information panel that guides him to the main entrance hall, where there is a shop (in collaboration with speedo), the main bar and the reception .

The second stage of the project is associated with the tropical area in which the Vortex gathers and emphasizes the main activities of the indoor pool area, including the Thermarium, information points, showers, sun loungers, Flowrider and Fresh Bar located on the upper mezzanine.

The third stage is the outdoor area, which brings a series of wellness activities. The outdoor pool, waterslide and picnic area complete the “journey” through the activity layers through the Vortex.

student (Master’s thesis)
Bellavita & IED Milano
interior, conceptual, design
elena demireva, nicolas higuera
Professor Fabrizio Pierandrei